• Advanced Decompression
    Our advanced decompression treatment equipment is used by top hospitals, including Atlanta's Emory University Hospital.
  • Advanced Decompression
    Our advanced decompression treatment equipment is used by top hospitals, including Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital.
  • IDD Therapy®
    Don’t just “manage” your back pain… END your pain WITHOUT surgery
  • Success Stories
    Ansley Colby, IDD Therapy patient: “I can’t believe I’m running again!”
  • Complete Pain Relief
    Relieve/Repair/Restore Comprehensive Treatment Plan to relieve your pain. Get your life back!

Specialists in Nonsurgical Relief of Back & Neck Pain

Welcome to ReGenXspine Fayetteville was established with the sole purpose to help patients resolve back, neck and spine issues using non-invasive techniques. Initial consultation that includes consultation, examination, reviewing of MRI findings, and initial treatment is $129.00. Dr. Kurt Miller has specialized in the non-surgical treatment of injuries of the spine for 20 years. We welcome you to contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Miller today, call (770) 719-1917.  

Our doctors treat chronic pain from disc or degenerative disease and injury with our specialized approach.  Our comprehensive treatment plans include manual manipulation therapies as well as state-of-the-art medical treatments.

You don’t have to live with pain!


With any surgery, there is the risk of complications. When surgery is done near the spine and spinal cord, these complications (if they occur) can be very serious.  Consider these potential surgical complications* before deciding to “go under the knife.”

 Anesthesia Complications
 Lung Problems
 Persistent Pain
 Spinal Cord Injury
 Implant Migration
 Hardware Fracture
 Sexual Dysfunction
 Transitional Syndrome

Surgery results, good and bad, can be permanent and irreversible.

Before undergoing a surgical procedure, and risking an outcome that may involve complications or a lengthy recovery, it  makes sense to visit The Disc & Spine Center to learn about their non-invasive approach which includes Laser, Manual Chiropractic Treatment and Advanced Decompression using IDD Therapy®.

*Source:  Complications of Spine Surgery, University of Maryland Medical Center. Link.

IDD Therapy® Facts & Information

IDD Therapy Oscillation® is backed by independent, published studies performed on over 500 patients to whom doctors had recommended surgery.

Nearly 92% of those patients AVOIDED back or neck surgery AND found the results they wanted with IDD Therapy®.

View actual before & after MRI images from patients who resolved their pain with IDD Therapy.

Dr. Miller is specialize in the successful treatment of disc-related pain using this exciting technology.  Try IDD Therapy Oscillation® today!

Our Medical Advisor | C. Norman Shealy, MD, Ph.D.

C. Norman Shealy, MD

“After performing countless surgeries in my career, I believe that back and neck surgery should absolutely be avoided by most people.  Having conducted numerous clinical trials on non-invasive treatment options, I have found dramatic, long-lasting results are achievable with IDD Therapy Oscillation® treatment—it has proven to be a true MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH!”

Dr. Shealy is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, member of the American Academy of Neurological & Orthopedic Surgery and International Association for the Study of Pain with over 200 published papers in the fields of pain management, wellness and anti-aging.

Dr. Kurt Miller explains the cause of many chronic back problems and how the Advanced Decompression Therapy works to help resolve the pain

Let us help you or your loved one find relief. Call us to set up a consultation.
All you have to lose is pain!


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